Our Board

Compassionate Leaders Guiding the Shelter Forward

The members of the Board of Directors of Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation each contribute a uniquely valuable set of skills and taken together they create a whole that is definitely “more than the sum of its parts.” Even more importantly, they are a cooperative team with a good sense of humor and they like to have fun!

David Sykes

David Sykes, one of the original founders of Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation, is a lawyer and businessman, and is currently the chairman of the Noah’s Ark board. David is also an Iowa Attorney with offices in Fairfield, Iowa. David’s vision of Noah’s Ark and his long dedication to its mission continue to provide guidance to the Foundation.

Tom Paton

Tom Paton serves as Secretary on the Noah’s Ark Board. He, his wife, two children (also volunteers) and shelter-adopted cats moved to Fairfield in 2006. Tom is a work-from-home corporate writer for a leading global relocation firm headquartered in Omaha and brings years of proposal writing, consulting and business experience to Noah’s Ark.

Dr. Richard Sarnat

Dr. Richard Sarnat is Alternative Medicine Integration Group’s (AMI) co-founder and Chief Medical Officer. AMI is a national leader in developing medical management strategies, which measure the clinical and cost outcomes of utilizing complementary/alternative medicine when integrated with conventional medicine in a managed care setting. Dr. Sarnat has been a member of the Board of Directors of New Chapter, Inc. from 1993 – 2011 and has been a trustee of the National University of Health Sciences from 2001 – 2010.

Starting out as a volunteer walking the larger dogs since 2004, Richard joined the board to give support to a cause he is passionate about – the saving of innocent lives.

Darin Dowd

Darin Dowd is a REALTOR at ERA Fairfield Real Estate. She started as a volunteer walking dogs in fall 2009, and joined the board in spring 2011. Darin is easily spotted walking dogs or socializing shy puppies, usually wearing colorful polka dot rain boots while in action.

Janet Mullen

Janet Mullen joined Noah’s Ark in 2000. She has served as the Foundation’s Executive Director, Treasurer and is currently Director of CCSNAP, Noah’s Ark’s Caring Community Spay Neuter Assistance Program. Trained as an educator, Janet also brings more than 25 years of financial services experience, as well as a commitment to bettering the lives of dogs and cats, to the Noah’s Ark family.

Jill Hebert

Jill Hebert and her daughter Solstice moved to Fairfield in 2010 from Fairbanks, AK. Since then Jill has adopted two cats from Noah’s Ark and blended them into part of her family. Jill currently serves the Noah’s Ark Foundation board as Treasurer. Her years of work experience for a CPA and more currently as an Accounting Associate for Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. lend her the skill involved in her role as Treasurer. You’ll find Jill & Solstice hiking the Jefferson County trails with their dog Izzy and regularly bonding with all the rescues at Noah’s Ark.

Emeritus Status

Carol Kline

Carol Kline is a freelance writer and editor and the co-author of five books in the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, including Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul released in 2005. She and her husband Larry were very involved in the design and construction of the new shelter, but right after the shelter was completed, they moved to Ojai, California. Now that she no longer lives in Fairfield, her main duties at Noah’s Ark, according to the volunteer list, are working on shelter newsletters, answering shelter design questions and providing “good vibes.”

Diane Bolte-Silverman

Diane Bolte-Silverman started volunteering at Noah’s Ark in 1991 and was board president from 2000-2006. Diane performed a variety of tasks at the shelter, but her favorite activity was simply spending time with the cats and dogs. Diane, Jay, their four cats and two dogs now live in Oregon, and her primary contribution to Noah’s Ark is supporting the on-going work of this exceptional shelter.

Karen Joost

Karen Joost is vice president of a local architecture firm and an occasional artist. She helps the shelter by going to adoption day events and has given tours of the shelter facility highlighting it’s special features.