Animal Rescue

Lost, Stray and Abandoned Dogs & Cats

Read this important information if you’ve found a stray: I’ve found a stray. What do I do?

Noah’s Ark takes in all adoptable, unclaimed dogs found as Fairfield city strays. These dogs are held at the local vet clinic for a period of 7 days waiting for their owners to reclaim them. We monitor this group, and for the past several years have been able to accept and place every adoptable dog found as a Fairfield stray.

Space permitting, we will accept lost, stray and abandoned dogs from Jefferson County and surrounding counties.

If you have found an abandoned dog within the Fairfield city limits, please call the Jefferson County Law Enforcement non-emergency phone number at 641-472-4146 to make arrangements to meet an officer at the Veterinary Clinic PC, located at 2504 West Burlington Avenue, Fairfield. If the dog is found outside city limits, but within Jefferson or surrounding counties, call us at 641-472-6080.

There is no municipal provision for stray or abandoned cats in Fairfield. Our Shelter accepts cats and kittens from within the city of Fairfield, Jefferson county, and surrounding counties as space permits. All cats and kittens must be screened by a veterinarian for FeLV/FIV and other infectious diseases prior to admission to our Shelter. There is no direct admission at the Shelter location for cats or kittens.

ALL DOG AND CAT INTAKE IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call us at 641-472-6080 to make arrangements. We do not accept dogs and cats directly at the Shelter without prior arrangements being made.

We are a state licensed facility and are limited in the number of animals we can house at our Shelter. We maintain both a dog and cat intake wait list, and strive to accept as many animals as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding in working with us to help as many animals as possible.