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Everyone loves a Happy Ending and we at Noah's Ark are no exception. It is always a joyous occasion when a Noah's Ark cat or dog finds its new forever home.

We often receive updates from happy adoptive families and from happy adopted animals. You can read their stories by following the links below.

Send Us Your Happy Ending Story!

If you've adopted a Noah's Ark animal and would like to tell us about your Happy Ending, we would LOVE to hear from you. Please e-mail your story and include the animal's original name, its new name if you've renamed it, and a picture (maximum of five) if you have one. Stories e-mailed to us with high-quality digital pictures will be considered for publication in our shelter Newsletter.

Annie's story NEW! June 16, 2014 
Bella's story NEW! April 17, 2014 
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Buzz's story  
Chance's story NEW! May 23, 2014 
Cleo's story  
Cookie's story NEW! July 3, 2014 
Dawson's story  
Demo's story  
Dobby's story NEW! July 7, 2014 
Dixie's story
Fry's story NEW! May 23, 2014 
Henry's story  
Java's story  
J.D.'s story  
Kodiak's story  
Leo & Luna's story
Lucy's story
Luke's story
Luna's story
Madi's story NEW! May 23, 2014 
Maliik's story  
Marmalade's story
Mikey's story  
Milo's story
Molly's story  
Muffin's story  
Otis's story  
Penny's story
Rigby's story NEW! April 17, 2014 
Roxie's story  
Sophia's story NEW! April 17, 2014 
Sweetie Man's story
Woody's story
Send Us Your Happy Ending Story!
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