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In Memory of Dodger

Dear Noah’s Ark,

I have been meaning to email you for some time about the passing of our cat Dodger.

I adopted him when I was a senior veterinary student at Iowa State University. He was one of several cats that were attacked at your shelter in 1997. Fortunately he survived and was brought to ISU for treatment of  numerous fractures. The first time I met Dodger (he was 'Pal' before we gave him that name), as I was evaluating him for anesthesia, he couldn't use his left front limb and he had a broken jaw - but he put his right paw on my shoulder and rubbed my chin with his head. It was amazing, and I called my wife after that and let her know that we had a new member of the family.

Unfortunately he lost his left front leg that day, but he recovered and ran around on three legs without it ever bothering him.

I like to think he had a good life: he traveled (Massachusetts, California, Iowa, New York), had a big brother he got along with well (a black Lab) and 3 children who loved him. He was never sick until the very end, but was always a little freaked out when we brought him outside to lay in the sun - he really was only an indoor cat. He lived until he was about 18 years old, and we had to put him to sleep due to renal failure. We all miss him and think of him often.

I wanted to thank you for allowing my family to adopt him. He changed our lives in many ways and we were so very lucky to have shared in his life, and I thought that you would like to know what had happened to him.



The March 7, 1997 Tragedy
Noah's Ark was founded to provide shelter and sanctuary to lost, abandoned, abused, and neglected animals. For many years we quietly went about our mission of rescuing, loving, protecting, and caring for homeless animals. 

Freddy - the CaptainThe peace of our shelter was shattered on March 7, 1997, with the break-in and heartless beating of 27 cats at the shelter by two teenagers wielding baseball bats. Seventeen of our beloved cats lost their lives that night while a dozen more were seriously injured. Two local teenagers were later charged and found guilty of the crime. 

Many of the surviving felines were adopted into caring homes to begin their long road to recovery. A number of the cats were never accounted for. A new surveillance camera and additional security measures help to ensure their safety. You can visit the March 7, 1997 Memorial page here. In addition, you can read the story of the "Captain" (pictured at left) here.

We are happy to report that we survived that tragedy, and have been instrumental in awakening national awareness to the need for stronger animal abuse laws in all states. Here in Iowa, we have worked hard to bring the Iowa felony animal abuse law to the legislature where it passed. This sends a message to many other states to take action. To achieve this we worked with organizations around the country including the Humane Society of the US, In Defense of Animals, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Animal Legal Defense Fund and others.


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